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If you must pay out of pocket you will find my suicide cleanup prices are fair and reasonable compared to my competitors. The reason for this is that I do the suicide cleanup labor myself. Sometimes I may bring my wife along to help with the final cleaning task order to help inspect the area once the suicide cleanup is considered complete.

Suicide cleanup by professional cleaning company is often preferred to a family doing the suicide cleanup themselves. The reason for this is that the sites involved as well as some of the odors may have a lasting effect on the families cleaners. Many families do this work themselves without harm of any type worth mentioning. Sometimes an individual may find that the cleaning task has somehow become associated with the loss of the loved one.

Decades later a haunting memory of the scene, the cleaning, and the overall emotional baggage that follows the time, place, and memory recur far too often for their preferences. I know what I say here is so because a friend of mine once lost his mother to a handgun suicide in the family garage. He remembered it many years later as well as the cleaning task.

My Suicide Cleanup Prices for California

My blood cleanup prices usually come in at less than $1000. When it cost more than $1000 for a suicide cleanup, is because the suicide occurred by shotgun in the damage to the surrounding area is extensive. I call this "top to bottom 360°." This sort of cleaning may require a second day, which is a consideration given to a solo cleaner. Generally I try to get the job done in one day.

I basically make decisions and destroy. This means that I decide we can be saved and what cannot.

When my prices increase over thousand dollars it's because I'm required to clean small objects like ceramic toys, tools, and other incidentals in her room.

Considerations giving to my prices include the distance to the suicide scene, parking arrangements, availability of water and electricity, access to the cleaning scene, and more.


What I do


What I use

Most of the chemicals, tools, and equipment that I use are readily found at Home Depot hardware stores as well as Ace Hardware and Lowe's hardware in your city or county.A few of my tools are used in the professional cleaning field and also demolition fields. These tools I have brought into the biohazard cleanup business to help speed up my work enabled me to use sanitizing practices more often while cleaning.

Although some of my biohazard cleanup competitors use what I call "exotic chemicals" to clean a scene contaminated by human blood, I prefer using chemicals found at Home Depot. The advantage in this approach is that it enables my customers to find the same chemicals at any time during or after my cleaning process. They can verify for themselves that these chemicals carry their own guarantee for safety and disinfecting properties.



The most common substance in my chemical laboratory is household bleach. The stronger the bleach, the better. So I've settled on Clorox Regular Liquid Concentrated BleachBecause of its high alkaline content. I can find no other bleach with its Power.

What the clorox product has is a solution of water and sodium hydroxide. Conversion of its sodium hypochlorite in water results in a product that whitens and kills bacteria. So, we see in blood cleanup tasks there's a tendencey to cause color loss in fabrics and elsewhere. A sodium carbonate removes alcohol and grease stains along with its sodium chlorate and sodium hydroxide helps to remove fatty, oily, or acidic soiling.


I've cleaned up suicides could as little as a quality plastic bag, rubber gloves, peroxide, and paint scraping tool. I've also done suicide cleanup with a trailer full of equipment that included additional lighting, professional floor polishing machine, generator, circular saw, crowbar, aggressive scrub pads, and more.

Sometimes the hammers required cues along with a crowbar. And often enough, a carpet cutting tool named "bloody Mary" is required. The name, "bloody marry," is well-deserved because the carpet cutting tool is very dangerous. But I decided early in my suicide cleanup career that I would risk deep cuts because this tool makes the risk worthwhile. No other carpet tool work so well and save so much time.

Sometimes even paintbrushes and paint rollers are required because ceiling a suicide scene indicates covering once blood soiled areas will reduce residual odors if any. Besides, it's usually best to cover when soiled areas with the paint sealer, a paint primer, to remove all doubt about the cleanup.

In the high desert it made be necessary to supply one's own electricity for power tools. In such cases a where the generator is useful. I cleaned in New Mexico's high deserts as well as high deserts in California where electricity was needed. Of course there was no running water and was important to bring my own water.

In Colorado I once cleaned in a very high altitude. It was a simple matter of shoveling dirt into bags. The suicide victim had died on the floor of an Adobe house and decompose therein. Hence, removing the fluids and other substances simply required removing them from the dirt floor.



I say that I "guarantee my work" and what this means is that I guarantee I will return if asked to do so. As quickly as I can return I will do so to reclean. I've kept this promise for 16 years and three times of return. Once I returned by my own volition because they had an afterthought during the night. I was glad I returned because there was good reason return. This was any church sanctuary were there were many obstructions and poor lighting. I learned from this situation to always ensure that I had enough lighting equipment when doing suicide cleanup. I also offer the same guarantee for my hoarding cleanup company business.

If you are wondering why I didn't have lighting equipment at the time, it's because there's only so much that a person can carry in a truck or van. Even with a small trailer it's difficult to carry everything needed. Usually there is enough light on any suicide cleanup job. But occasionally additional light is required.

A second time as requested return I returned to Las Cruces, New Mexico to find that the family had mistaken common mold on a wall for something related to a suicide cleanup job that involve decomposition, making suicide cleanup work similar to an unattended death cleanup task. In any case, I was not responsible for mold on the wall, which happened to be behind a curtain of all things. Just the same, and form the family would needed to be done with the mold, and return home. There's nothing I could say or much else to do. I kept my promise to return is my guarantee clearly testifies.

Third occasion occurred in 2016 when is asked to return to a small rental that had very poor lighting, and in which I had missed matter on a shower wall. It's questionable if this matter had anything to do with the suicide, but just the same, the operations manager for the building asked that I returned to the apartment to clean the matter. I did so without question. I took my wife along on this trip so she could verify the substance. Incidentally, the substance did not react to a spray of hydrogen peroxide, my most useful blood cleanup highlighting tool.



I have worked at suicide cleanup and over 24 states, including California. With over 16 years experience, I can say that there more similarities than differences in the suicide cleanup experience. I can also say that, "it's hard work and often the suicide cleanup can have some surprises for the cleaner."

Basically, then, it's a matter of cleaning thoroughly by removing source materials, scrubbing, rinsing, and retracing one steps. All efforts are toward removing the source material and disinfecting. Only by removing source materials can odors be kept to a minimum so that they will diminish quickly. Of course, ceiling over source materials will help diminish the odors, but this is wrong. Source materials must be removed before ceiling occurs. I say this because callers to business telephone number have asked for suicide cleanup help in their own home. They have cleaned but odors persist. They want to know why. It's the source material in most cases to cause this lingering odor.

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