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San Diego County Blood Cleanup Information

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San Diego County blood cleanup

I offer San Diego County residents and businesses blood cleanup services following homicides, suicides, unattended death, and dramatic blood loss incidents. My blood cleanup prices are usually lower by hundreds of dollars is not thousands of dollars in my blood cleanup competitor companies.

Many times over the years people have asked me, "Eddie, I can your San Diego County blood cleanup fees are so much lower than your blood cleanup competitors?". There are a few reasons for my lower prices. Among these include the fact that I have no employees to do my blood cleanup work. I've made it a practice to work alone in this reducing prices quite a bit.

Imagine that without employees I have to pay zero employee payroll. I pay nothing for employees Social Security or California Workmen's Compensation. I do not have to have additional vehicles for employees to travel to and from blood cleanup sites. Then there's the fact that I do not need to pay employees to take vacations. Finally, I do not need to hire blood cleanup employees and then pay for their retirement. So you can see how not having employees to do my San Diego County blood cleanup work saves my customers a lot of money.

But there is more to the blood cleanup business story. And that is homeowners insurance. You see, before blood cleanup become a highly profitable business, carpet cleaning companies did blood cleanup throughout San Diego County.

For example, within five minutes of writing the above lines about San Diego County blood cleanup, I received a telephone call from the previous client. The client was calling for a small San Diego Countyh. They had had an unattended death in one of their small apartments. The unattended death occurred in the bathroom and I quoted $350-$600 to do the blood cleanup. No other San Diego County blood cleanup company can offer this sort of price range. It is my belief, incidentally, that any employee doing blood cleanup is under paid unless they receive a minimum of $100 for the first hour of work and thereafter a minimum of $25 per hour. And this is the low end of the pay scale as I see it.