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San Diego Blood Cleanup Information

Biohazard - Blood - Crime - Death - Suicide Cleanup - Prices begin at $400


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Homicide - Suicide - Unattended Death - Trauma Cleanup


homeowners insurance - cash- check - Reasonably priced

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A San Diego Narrative

Licensed - Bonded - Insured

I accept homeowners insurance, cash, and check. I accept credit and debit cards for any San Diego blood cleanup services through another web site. Such payments take a bit of time and patience and lead to a Paypal account; no, you do not need a Paypal account for this credit and debit card payment. Paypal helps to keep my overhead lower and thereby offer reasonable blood cleanup fees for all of San Diego's families and business owners.

San Diego Biohazard Cleanup Prices

San Diego blood cleaqnup usually begins at $400 and rarely goes beyond $950. When my biohazard cleanup prices for San Diego do go above $950, they rarely top $1800. When they do top $1800, it's because of multiple homicides or multiple suicides with unattended death conditions.

$400 San Diego Biohazard Cleanup Example

An example of a San Diego $400 biohazard cleanup would be something like the following. A responsible party for the biohazard cleanup calls the day before. A California death cleanup offers similar San Diego prices. This person describes a simple blood cleanup task following an unattended death and a bathroom. The decedent (person who passed away) collapsed soon after defecating in the toilet. While on a ceramic or linoleum floor covering, the decedent blood from the nose and mouth. Perhaps the person also defecated up on the floor. This would most likely cost around $400 for the simple blood cleanup.

$950 Biohazard Cleanup Example

Now, what sort of example explains a $950 biohazard cleanup task?

Responsible party calls a day before biohazard cleanup is to begin. And unattended death on a queen size mattress is described. The decedent was down for one week or perhaps even two weeks.

In such cases, the mattress will be "reduce," which means the bodily fluids must be removed from the mattress before the mattress can be removed from the premises. Most likely, the box springs below the mattress are also contaminated by the unattended death fluids and this means this piece of furniture must be "reduce." Then, most likely the carpet, the carpet padding, and the floor below have been soiled by the unattended death fluids. And then, finally, the floor has been soiled by blood and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM).

The blood and OPIM must be removed from the floor. In more extreme cases of unattended death consequences, the floor were the removal of constructed of wood. In many cases, though, the floor can be heavily scrubbed, rents, disinfectant, and then sanded. Finally, a sealer is placed over the once soiled wood floor.

$1800 and up San Diego Biohazard Cleanup Prices

Multiple homicides and multiple suicides would justify charging $1800 and above. Even then, unattended death circumstances may be applicable. The quadruple homicide will entail $1800 at least and above. Most often a today cleaning and sealing project is required. Of course, all work comes with guarantees.

The last time I did a multiple homicide cleanup, I removed most of a second floor apartment bedroom floor; that job took a week. Four bodies have been down for two months, and then the apartment remained vacant for two more months. The death and blood odors were quite powerful.

I should mention also that this multiple homicide did not occur in San Diego, let alone California.

Homeowners insurance is often invoked for large homicide and suicide biohazard cleanup work. In the case of apartment buildings, building owners are reluctant to invoke their insurance policies. It happens that my prices are so low that it doesn't make any sense to obligate an insurance company to cover the biohazard cleanup fees. Doing so may result in higher premiums, which in the end will lead to higher insurance payments. So it's best just to go ahead and pay the San Diego biohazard cleanup fee.


My San Diego biohazard cleanup has always and will always remain free of San Diego County employee's kickback schemes. I cannot give money to civil servants to promote my blood cleanup business. I am now convinced that coroner employees not only take part in blood cleanup business cronyism, they most likely take part in nepotism, hiring family and friends; this practice helps to secure their monopoly over San Diego blood cleanup businesses while have family members and friends watch their backs.

Call now for an estimate on the telephone without obligation. I have over 15 years of bold cleanup work experience and guarantee my price and work, in writing.

San Diego Biohazard Cleanup Prices

San Diego usually begin at $400 and rarely go beyond $950. When my biohazard cleanup prices for San Diego do go above $950, they have never topped $1800. When they do top $1800, it's because of multiple homicides or multiple suicides with unattended death conditions.

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San Diego Biohazard Cleanup Narrative

Human blood cleanup is a type of biohazard cleanup. Human blood cleanup is a biohazard cleanup because it has blood-borne pathogens and it. At least, the Center for disease control in Atlanta, Georgia tells us to consider all human blood to be contaminated by hepatitis C and the human immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV). Either one of these will make a person very sick and possibly result in fatal consequences when contaminated.

What is a biohazard?

In simplest terms, human blood then is a biohazard in the following conditions:

  • wet blood
  • moist blood
  • dry flaky blood
  • blood that may lose from an object as the object is compressed


Therefore, we treat all human blood is if it is biohazardous. In essence, when we work with or are in the vicinity human blood, we behave as if the blood can cause great illness and death.

So blood cleanup anywhere in San Diego is handled as we would handle biohazard cleanup, meaning that we take precautions while working. As a bare minimum, we should wear eye, nose, and mouth protection as well as rubber gloves. We can wear full-body suits consisting of a plastic like material, Playtex for instance. The suits are available Online. The military uses Mission Oriented Protective Posture (MOPP) suits to protected soldiers and sailors from radioactive, biological, and chemical elements. Military trains in these protective suits and they are very uncomfortable. Likewise, protective suits to do blood cleanup anywhere in San Diego are very uncomfortable.

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Questions I often ask callers for San Diego biohazard cleanup services:

  • Who will pay and how?
  • Will cleaning take place in a house, condominium, apartment, mobile home, recreational vehicle?
  • Will cleaning take place on the first floor, second floor?
    Where did the event occur in heart
    what type of floor?
  • Who will let me in the building and at what time?
  • What sort of parking is available?
  • On what floor do I need to clean?
  • Is there electricity and running water?







San Diego unattended death conditions refers to decomposition issues. Decomposition issues include migrating fluids, strong odor permeation of building contents, insect populations, and possible demolition and sealing work. It may also cause "360°" cleaning requirements, meaning top to bottom as well as walls and closets at times. Although this is rare, it does happen. I cannot ignore it and discussing my San Diego biohazard cleanup prices.