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San Bernardino Biohazard Cleanup Information

Biohazard - Blood - Crime - Death - Suicide Cleanup

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Homicide - Suicide - Unattended Death - Trauma Cleanup

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What I mean by "death scene cleanup" - -

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Licensed - Bonded - Insured

I will ask questions like these:

  • Who will pay we do now?
  • Can you tell me what floor and room death cleanup is needed?
  • Can you tell me when work can begin, how early?
  • Can you tell me about parking?
    Can you tell me if a mattress or couches involved?
  • Can you tell me if adults or children will be in the building during cleaning?
  • Can you tell me of pets will be in the building?
  • Can you tell me if there are any strong orders at present?
  • Did you know that I guarantee my work?
  • Did you know that my San Bernardino prices are almost always well below my competitors prices?

I accept homeowners insurance, cash, and check. I accept credit and debit cards for any San Bernardino blood cleanup services. Visit this business page for a link to my credit card and debit card payment web site for biohazard and blood cleanup services.

My San Bernardino biohazard cleanup services has always and will always remain free of San Bernardino County Corner employee's kickback schemes for biohazard cleanup and all sorts of blood cleanup related issues.

Call now for an estimate on the telephone without obligation. I have over 17 years of blood cleanup experience and guarantee my price and work, in writing.

Prices - You will note my death cleanup prices as well as blood cleanup in general are much lower than my competitors prices.

I have no employees and I do all work myself. On some occasions my wife will take a long to observe and advise as she sees fit. Otherwise, I have no employees to train, no employees to provide medical insurance or Social Security insurance. Importantly, I do not need to worry about employee honesty.

$350 - $950 in many cases -

I have a not to exceed price for most types of San Bernardino death cleanup and blood cleanup tasks in general. In no case will a San Bernardino death cleanup or blood cleanup service cost less than $350.

Example: In many cases my top price for unattended death cleanup will not exceed $950. This price will reflect an unattended death remains in place on a king size mattress were a prolonged period of time. For example, an unattended death on a king size mattress located on the second floor of a home may reach $950 because of work required on the mattress ("reduction work").

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Most often while on the telephone I ask questions like these:

  1. Is the place of death in a house, condominium, mobile, apartment, recreational vehicle, or other type of structure?
    If a multi-floor structure, to death occur on the first floor, second floor, or is found in apartments and other rental structures on the third floor above?
  2. Is the floor covered with carpeting, natural stone, ceramic, wood, or a plastic-like imitation wood or stone - plastic?
  3. Do you know if death occurred in the bathroom, bedroom, living room, hallway, kitchen, or other room?
  4. If death occurred in a bedroom, was the decedent upon the better time of death, on the floor, or position partially on the bed and floor?
  5. If death occurred on a mattress, can you tell me the size of a mattress? Can you tell me if there is a sliding glass door to the bedroom that will lead to a backyard date?
  6. If death occurred in a kitchen, do you know of the decedent (person who passed away) was near a wall or a room leading to the kitchen?

San Bernardino Blood Cleanup Services

I offer homicide, suicide, unattended death, and traumatic injury blood and death cleanup. I also offer infectious waste cleanup that often involves feces cleanup service.

I reduce blood soiled materials and objects that include clothing, carpeting, mattresses, couches, and so forth. I remove damaged wall materials including dry wall. Likewise, I remove damaged flooring as needed. (return)

What to Expect

I arrive as scheduled. I complete work within the low and price quote; when it becomes clear that my not-to-exceed-price does not cover my needs, I alert the responsible party. This is a rare event and the circumstances soon become clear to all involved. Here's an example page.

At times I asked for two days cleaning when multiple deaths or incidents are involved.

When I do blood cleanup -

I cut large blood soiled objects. I remove these objects for disposal. I scrub and rinse blood soiled surfaces. I disinfect large areas with a bleach and water fog. I use rubbing alcohol on select surfaces, including wall switches and door handles.

I remove blood soiled areas of carpets, carpet padding, and other blood soiled materials, such as found on blood soiled concrete and wood floors. I cut and remove damaged floor and wall wall materials.

What is a San Bernardino biohazard?

The Atlanta, Georgia Center for Disease Control defines biohazards as follows:

  • Wet Human Blood
  • Moist Human Blood
  • Dry Flaky Human Blood
  • Human blood or other human effluents contaminated by human blood squeezed or compressed from objects.

This then is what is meant by San Bernardino biohazards in short.

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We should look to the direct contamination of fisheries and the degradation by oil pollution. Note that on June 16, 1921, the Commerce Department of the United States held a conference consider the "the subject of water pollution and its relation to the fisheries." Meanwhile the Corps of Engineers began an investigation of oil pollution harbors.

Then, consider where we are at today after more than nine decades. The amount of environmental contamination poisons Rancho Cucamonga as well, for example.

We know that San Bernardino County was colonized in 1851 by members of the Mormon church. Today the city of San Bernardino is the county seat for this largest county in the United States. San Bernardino has a rapidly growing population because of the benefits we received from medical science. More though, it has become part of the megalopolis associated with Los Angeles County some 60 miles to the west.

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When I look back to the history of San Bernardino County, I'm reminded of the history of Las Vegas, Nevada. There, the Mormon population helped to establish the city of Las Vegas. They brought their values and can-do-spirit to a land of sagebrush, blistering heat, and promise. Sort of like the "shoot them up" frontier towns of tombstone, Virginia City, and Dodge city, San Bernardino Southern California its own flavor for "wild West." Gambling halls, saloons, and "ladies of the night" populated the city's frontier entertainment establishments. This is not to suggest that Mormons frequented these places. It's to say that they help tame this once "wild-land" for the benefit of newcomers.

So today we enjoy in life that would become ineligible all things considered, but the Mormons helped. Today when we need to call somebody for biohazard cleanup services, we can use a telephone that has no lines to a telephone company hub. In fact our cell phones today have a hard in outer space, Hobbs located in satellites.

. Throughout the county of San Bernardino most residents can find help with blood issues by visiting the local hospital having blood drawn for blood analysis. In those worst-case scenarios, where there is a dramatic loss of blood, we can call someone in San Bernardino to help us with her blood cleanup issues.

The first Mormons arrived in the Rancho San Bernardino area in 1851. The Mormons bought the land from Don Antonio Aaira Lugo. There was eager to sell his land because of the marauding Indian population and American outlaws feeding horse practices.

Mojave Desert began to circulate. As a result would became the San Bernardino County courthouse was built to help protect arriving settlers. Progress was in the when. Fortunately, the Indians had been pacified as it turned out and within a year the four was rearranged into a different structure for a cohesive, law-abiding population in just a few short years.

Brigham Young then recall his faithful back to Salt Lake in 1857. He had strict rules as to how much to charge for their real estate. They would take would be to get and scoot. So credit turned out to be massive bloodletting on the side of the Mormons in the American outlaws, turned out to be a big to-do about nothing.

Newcomers soon arrived and they bought land as a result of the Mormon abandonment of the real estate property with a horse and a wagon, a young family could find a nice place to call their own.

What became known as "D" Street became known as a red light district because prostitution soon sprang up. At the corner of third and D streets "whiskey point" became the place to attend at night for entertainment and drinking sports.

Guys like Ben Martin, John Brown, and Fred Paris set out to make the city and county into an important gate city of Southern California. They succeeded mightily.

Whenever I receive a call to do blood cleanup work somewhere in the San Bernardino Valley, I try to leave before sunrise because of traffic congestion. I'm reminded of the old days when San Bernardino County had its own rapid transit, mass transit service in the traction company of 1902. In those days several companies purchase franchise to run his electric trolleys. They serviced Golden, San Bernardino, Redlands, and Highland.

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For too long a Cahuilla Indian chief by the name of Chief Juan Antonio became good friends with the early San Bernardino settlers. The first help the Lugo family in the mid-1840 help them save their horses from horse thieves. Later he helped the Mormon columnist come to grips "Indian uprising" by becoming a positive role model for Native Americans in the area.

In those days the issue of hazardous materials is not as prominent as today. In fact, people cannot imagine biohazards other than miasma floating around in the open air. The high lander Indians called Yuhaviatam in the 1700s and early 1800s by the Spanish hunters and gatherers. They migrated with the seasons from the mountains and returned to the floor of San Bernardino Valley and winter months. This is not so unlike other California native peoples would migrate into the Sierra Mountains in the summer months and return in the late fall. For these native peoples biohazards were unknown, other than rattlesnakes and rattle snake venom. But human blood is not something to be concerned about as today unless we become too complacent in its presence.

Rialto City is home to four major regional distribution centers. These include Staples Inc., And it serves doors throughout the West Coast of the United States. Toys "R" Us also has a distribution just like under Armour and target stores. Pyro spectators, a successful fireworks vendor, is also headquartered in Rialto.

Now,"city did experience water contamination in the 1990s. Perchlorate contamination found in the city's drinking water supply was 800 times the recommended limit. The poison seeped into the city's drinking water wells and resulted in lawsuits by the city against 42 companies, including Goodrich Corporation and Black & Decker. The United States Department of Defense as well as San Bernardino County began litigants as well. Rocket fuel appears to be the culprit.

Unfortunately, Goodrich Corporation and Black & Decker have not agreed to clean up their toxic waste from the environment in northern Rialto. Perchlorate causes harm by screwing up thyroid. Now the city is on the brink of catastrophe at times during drought conditions. This is a sad note since it one time the city enjoyed water from artesian wells.

Running Springs, this tiny city has about 5000 people and shows no damage from hazardous materials or biohazards like Rialto. It has become less dense in the last 10 years. Located 17 miles west of big Bear Lake, California, running Springs is home to 34,000 acres of the national children's force. Here, you can fly in the snow Valley Mountain resort which was established in the 1920s and was the first the resort of the San Bernardino Mountains.
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Unlike the mountains of Running
Springs, Twentynine PalmsTwentynine Palms is a desert area and we compare and contrast that with the mountains of San Bernardino County, we're struck by the diversity of this largest of our nation's counties. We should not expect to find biohazards and hazardous materials in this desert area. But do call for my biohazard cleanup service if you find yourself in need of professional blood cleanup services.
Located 1242 feet above sea level, Upland has a population of about 75,000 people. It is a growing city. Incorporated on May 15, 1906, it is located at the foot of the highest part of the San Gabriel Mountains. Known as part of the "Inland Empire," the city is located directly east of the Los Angeles Metropolitan region.

Definitely a desert city, Victorville is San Bernardino's 5th largest city and a desert region. It is almost dramatically opposite of the Scandinavian like hills of Wrightwood It has an elevation of 5000, 930 5C. It is probably about 5000 in number these days and it has been growing since the year 2000. Located some 77 miles northeast of Los Angeles, it's a very nice little place to live. In the 1960s many suburbanites of Los Angeles County considered living in this gentle region. Compared to Yermo's 1,900 feet elevation, Wrightwood's 6,000 feet elevation give something to crow about.

Overall for San Bernardino County, progress is been rather rapid and this California County is seeing its development reflected in the growth of Stater Brothers super markets. Stater Brothers markets been around Southern California since 1936. A small grocery store in Yucaipa serves this growing city. Any store opened on 40th St. on April 11, 2001. 150's doors in Southern California and most of these are in San Bernardino and Riverside counties; this chain provides much needed nutrition for local residents as well as employment.

For a desert walking exercise,Yucca Valley offers serious challenges, With a population of about 21,000 people, population density is no problem. Roughly 70 miles west of Twentynine Palms, the small city can be found at about 55 miles east of San Bernardino. It borders the San Bernardino Mountains and in the South of Joshua tree national Park, this desert region offer some walking possibilities for hikers. For a biohazard cleanup practitioner, walking helps keep the stamina.

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San Bernardino_biohazard_yellow_symbol

One symbol signifies something ominous, more dangerous than the term "danger" and horrific. It's meant just so. This biohazard symbol refers to a biological substance that given the conditions creates a threat to healthy living organisms, usually humans. Microorganisms, viruses or toxins are such biohazards depending upon their origins. They may include other animals as targets for destruction. San Bernardino has its share.

This is not to say that biohazards of any sort have consciousness or will or will, that is to say that biohazards could easily be conceived of as directionally oriented. They've been known to cause millions of deaths as in the case of the black plague in 13th century Europe.

Thanks to medical science and vaccinations the "plague" hasn't been around lately, but smallpox, typhoid, diphtheria, tetanus, dysentery, mumps, measles, syphilis, been cough, scarlet fever, polio, chickenpox, rabies, botulism, tuberculosis, tapeworm, ringworm, gonorrhea, herpes, pneumonia, malaria, and human immunodeficiency (HIV) and hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and an assortment of other unnamed bacteria or viruses remain available for distribution among us. Did I mention "Ebola," and did I mention "Zeke virus"? These are all biohazardous.

Because of increased population densities, smog, water, and River contamination, we create conditions for disease. We created an "industry over ecology" for the entire Earth, not to mention San Bernardino and Adelanto. When we degrade our internal or external environment life takes a height, like the grades too. Yes we can blame the Industrial Revolution for environmental degradation around the world, and we can even blame Industrial Revolution for some of the damage was done to our internal environment. Granted we don't recognize the damage as of yet, it's kind of like global warming.

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There's a latent heat discharge pending and it is the same to our internal and external environments. For example, from fossil fuels related to oil production, we learned a great plastic. Today we have microfiber plastic in the Arctic Ocean and it's been absorbed by consumed by oceangoing microorganisms including fish. Naturally humans consume these organisms and fish.

From our shampoo to our toothpaste, we discharge plastic into the ocean every day of the week. In San Bernardino the homeless routinely toss their plastic waSTE into the street; it's down the street to sewers. So from San Bernardino's streets makes it way to the Pacific Ocean. From there it begins to degrade as it floats around the surface. It may last 500 years in some cases. As it slowly sinks to the bottom, multitudes of fish and microorganisms consume it, one generation after another until finally it's bruied centuries later.. Generation after generation then die as new generations swallow the same plastic again. Eventually we consume these materials. At times this plastic debree from San Bernardino streets entraps life, drowning seals, turtles, and other life forms.

So we can say that what normally constitutes a "San Bernardino hazardous material" does in a manner of speaking become a "biohazard." Apple Valley at one time was the home of major Apple production for the entire state of California and later the world. No, and no longer serves this purpose because human population density increased and encroached upon agricultural production of apples.

Consider that in Barstow At one time, x residents did not balk at seeing small amounts of blood as they carried out their daily routines. In fact blood on the face in the mirror tells a man it's time to change his razor blades. And blood on a young girl's sheets tell her that she become a woman. There is no shock on all over this matter. Blood was a fact of life.

Then, when the human immunodeficiency (HIV) epidemic began to take shape, all sorts of ideas were passed around. At first the "homosexuals" were blamed for the epidemic, the plague. This biohazard and it is a biohazard, was first noticed in homosexual populations in San Francisco, California. As a result many politicians, including Pres. Reagan, and many religious leaders, blame the "homosexuals" for the spread of this plague. But the truth was that began in Africa in the wild. Just the same, biohazard cleanup in a new way would occur as never before seen on planet earth.

Now blood is what gives us a panicky feeling when we feel it's wetness in our hand as a finger or entire hand it comes blood red from an injury. One can often bring back unpleasant memories: coppery taste was experience when in the dentist chair causes us to lose our appetite. Recall that split lip experience from a soccer ball strike on the school grounds.

That sluggish drip down the back of our throat and nose bleed definitely reminds us that blood is something to be taken seriously.

But what happened is that conspiracy stories and false information spread. For example, somehow the idea that miasma, floating disease ideas from the Middle Ages, were used by some biohazard cleanup companies to sell their services. They would say only "a professional biohazard cleanup company" should be used to clean up human blood following homicide, suicide, or unattended death. They use the miasma theory of disease to scare people off from cleaning up blood in her own home.

The truth is that biohazards are blood related. They are not airborne. True, when blood becomes aerosol and its configuration while airborne it can be inhaled or contaminated an eyeball. This is very unpleasant. But the likelihood of blood becoming aerosolized is extremely low. In any case, we take protections seriously when cleaning up blood.

For example, wearing rubber gloves, face mask over the nose and mouth, and goggles open to face in orifices. Making sure that we do not put our hands were we cannot see what the touching is an important method while cleaning up human blood. So we protect ourselves in these ways and we shouldn't exaggerate the consequences of working with blood. But we should not be complacent about it either.

Even in Big Bear Lake the Spanish word blood, sangre, blood wine, also as an important part of Satanic and other occult ceremonies. This notion of the demonic even today among the poorly informed, among the illiterate.

We know better today that what has nothing to do with any type of evil spirits. Thanks to the microscope, medical science, and experience, we learn that human blood has types known as type A, type B, type AB, and typo. We learn to that blood has nothing to do with human races, mostly because there is only one race and there are no genes in the human genome proving that there is more than one race.

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Put another way, there's nothing in our blood to say that more than one human race exists. Although, even following the second world war the German people still had trouble overcoming the idea that human blood carried some sort of race.

The Nazis believe that blood types represented and retry the nation on earth, with all being the most common and ABB in the lease. They believe that "German blood" was a sign of the master race. Chino residents blood has the same characteristics as that found in Germany and other European and African nations.

It is a fact that during the second world war the Germans did not use whole blood transfusion to save soldiers wounded in combat. Getting back to a point above, even German hospitals did not use whole blood till sometime after the second world war ended. For the American soldiers, sailors, and airmen, whole blood save many lives. On Iwo Jima, the range is low blood for the very first time thanks to refrigeration making it possible to keep whole blood save for transfusion.

Now with that said, certain types of blood can cause illness not death at times. For example, type O is the "universal donor". So when x person blood transfused into another x person's blood system, so long as that person has the x blood type they should be okay so long as the donor is healthy blood. Now, a person with the type AB is a universal receptor and can receive blood from any type with no ill effect.

Now getting on with this mingling of different blood types, we should know that it is called "blood play."

One play a serious matter and United States public health officials have alerted states that they need to be able to vaccinate up to 1 million people in 10 days following the outbreak of the deadly virus. Chino Hills residents can take comfort in this idea.

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Getting back to this idea blood types in human beings while discounting the notion of human races contained in the blood, we cannot ignore certain facts relating human diseases to other animal diseases. For example, both avian and human influenza viruses can be replicated in pigs located in Colton or Crestline.

We know that pigs are acceptable to influenza viruses that infect humans because of the work of J.S. Koen. He first observed pigs with influenza symptoms closely resembling those in humans. b swine virus isolated by Shope in 1928 was similar to the human virus and likely play a role in the human epidemic. So swine influenza still persist around and the cost of most respite for diseases in bids. In 1976 we found the swine influenza. These same principals work the same in Fontana, Grand Terrace or Hesperia.
The Russians reappeared in 1977 and it has a near-complete genetic identity with the H1N2 virus abounded in 1933. So we can easily suspect that it remained preserved in some hidden and undefined location and probably in frozen storage. It could just as easily have been in Highland or Joshua Tree as far as we know.

It may have remained lurking about in wild nature or our own civilization. For example, perhaps it could remain in the wild in a place like in a Lake Arrowhead in a freezer for decades. Meanwhile, in a place like Loma Linda, given the Mediterranean light conditions, it may have remained in the wild among avian populations.

Then, in 1995, Jeff Taunbenberger and his colleagues researched the flu virus from the 1918 – 19 Spanish flu pandemic in the United States Army, A young private died from the influenza. His lung tissue was kept on ice for decades for future study. Then, a collection of additional tissues from pieces of lung tissue recovered from Native Alaskans who died of influenza was used for similar research. Because they were buried in the permafrost which remain frozen over the decades, the tissue was intact. As it turned out, researchers resurrected the dead viruses. This is the power of molecular biology and serendipity. This process works the same in Alaska as a dozen Lucerne Valley.

To get to the point this virus discussion in the context of biohazard cleanup, we now know that no single gene of 1918 influenza virus accounts for its high degree of pathogenicity. So, we must understand that it's lethal effect is caused by many viral genes (Paula genetic). We know too that does 1918 virus is 100 times more lethal than other strains as found in experimental animals infected with the virus. It reproduces itself in a way that 39,000 more virus particles become apparent over against that of other influenza strains. This should cause note to those of us of the biohazard cleanup business.

Overall, we should expect severe lung injury in some Montclair circumstances from this biohazardous virus as we would in Needles. We know that lung injury in mice and monkeys is similar to that in the lungs of humans who died in from 1918 influenza virus infection. Ontario.

Here's a link to San Bernardino City blood and biohazard cleanup information.

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San Bernardino feces cleanup for homeless and at-home accdidents due to illnesses and otherwise.

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Most often I quote a low price and a not-to-exceed price on the telephone. My $350 San Bernardino low price is a service fee price and it covers small blood cleanup tasks. My $950 fee usually reflects the cost of a significant homicide, suicide, or unattended death cleanup. Unattended death cleanup involving King size mattresses and large couches usually gets done for $700 to $950 depending upon conditions. Smaller mattresses are less. Shotgun and large caliber firearm deaths may exceed $1,000. I advise before work begins. See conditions below.

To resolve any possible confusion over what is meant by a "death scene cleanup," a "biohazard cleanup," and a "blood cleanup," I understand this: a death scene cleanup involves the place of death and any materials soiled by the death and following or related soiling or damage to personal and structural property. Likewise with biohazard cleanup and blood cleanup, the area and material soiled or damaged by injury or death. These terms do not include a whole house cleanup. Hence, a death scene may be the surface of a floor. A death or blood soiled carpet, for example, requires removal of fluids and matter upon and underneath the carpet and not necessarily removal of the entire carpet unless agreed upon before or during work. Please ask questions as you like.

Blood and death odors are not dangerous. If someone said otherwise, it is because they do not understand the germ theory of disease and the nature of bloodborn pathogens (the stuff of biohazards).