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According to the center for disease control (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia, a biohazard consist of human blood, human blood in any of the following conditions will qualify as a biohazard:

  • wet blood
  • moist blood
  • dry flaky blood
  • blood from an object using when the object is compressed

For purposes of the California biohazard cleanup protocols followed by myself and other biohazard cleanup companies, the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration follows the same definitions for Biohazards relating to human blood.

Now, there are other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) that are related to human blood which include tissues, fluids, and more. These are also considered biohazardous by the Centers for Disease Control as well as the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). But because we call these materials "biohazardous, does not make them exceptionally dangerous unless they are handled carelessly. Any time we are exposed to someone else's blood we should take precautions, which I relate to below under "creating distance from blood" and cleaning equipment.

I clean homes and businesses following homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths. Because the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia declared human blood a biohazard, I consider blood cleanup following homicides, suicides, unattended deaths, and traumatic incidents as a type of biohazard cleanup.

My Prices

If you think that you would like to try to qualify for some help paying for biohazard cleanup services, you might want to visit this California victims compensation program website to see if you qualify. Usually victims of homicide receive consideration as well as the victims were certain types of physical trauma.

I'm told that my biohazard cleanup prices are "fair and reasonable" by my customers. This is because I usually charge less the my competitors while offering the same services or similar services. I offer blood cleanup anywhere in California for cash, check, homeowners insurance, and in some cases I will accept credit cards or debit cards.

Most of my work is completed for less than $1000. On the great majority of my biohazard cleanup jobs, I've offered a "not to exceed price." This helps my customers know that I will not charge them more than the not to exceed price. I also have a guarantee for my work.

My work guarantee means that I will return to the biohazard cleanup scene to continue work if anything is found amiss. In 16 years a biohazard cleanup experience throughout California and 23 other states, I returned to three different jobs. One of those jobs I returned to of my own volition because I had an uneasy feeling. On another job I returned because a customer in Las Cruces, New Mexico asked me to return. When I did return I found mold on the wall, which was the offending material. It had nothing to do with blood cleanup. In any case, I offer to return as part of my not to exceed price. Besides, how can anyone be involved in the biohazard cleanup business, which often includes death cleanup, and not have a reasonable price with a guaranteed return for work


What I do


What I use

Most of the chemicals, tools, and equipment that I use are readily found at Home Depot hardware stores as well as Ace Hardware and Lowe's hardware in your city or county.A few of my tools are used in the professional cleaning field and also demolition fields. These tools I have brought into the biohazard cleanup business to help speed up my work enabled me to use sanitizing practices more often while cleaning.

Although some of my biohazard cleanup competitors use what I call "exotic chemicals" to clean a scene contaminated by human blood, I prefer using chemicals found at Home Depot. The advantage in this approach is that it enables my customers to find the same chemicals at any time during or after my cleaning process. They can verify for themselves that these chemicals carry their own guarantee for safety and disinfecting properties.



Most often I use a lot of bleach and Simple Green. The center for disease control recommends one part bleach to four parts water to disinfect hard surface areas. I believe in using straight bleach on fabrics that have been heavily soiled by human blood. Simple Green works well for decontaminating as well as cleaning.

Besides Simple Green as a general floor and wall cleaner for blood cleanup, I also use Pine-Sol. Pine-Sol is used in the US Army and probably the other military services for cleaning and disinfecting bathroom floors, sinks, toilets, and other areas requiring cleaning and disinfecting. Because Pine-Sol has some part consisting in turpentine. It has a strong property for disinfecting generally.


My tools include carpet cutting tools, pliers, bolt cutters, rope and twine. At times I also use large scissors.


My equipment includes a fogger, a large wet-dry vacuum, and ozone machine, circular saw, and saws-all.

I often use my fogger to atomize disinfectants including hydrogen peroxide. This means that I basically begin disinfecting a wide area of the biohazard is seen before I actually begin my removal and cleaning work. At times I would use my fogger as a last step on a biohazard cleanup job to ensure that I have covered the entire area and begin to maximize disinfecting.

I use a large wet dry vacuum to extract blood, water, bleach, and cleaning solutions like simple green and Pine-Sol. These I pour down the sanitary sewer, the toilet. Hospitals also use the toilet for the same purpose or sanitary sewer. Likewise the County corner does the same as do mortuary businesses. In this way I save my clients and insurance companies money by not adding materials to the biohazard transport and destruction stream. Plus, I reduce if not eliminate the need to remove and transport biohazard cleanup material from a death or trauma scene.

The issue of transporting material from a biohazard cleanup scene becomes very important when we must handle mattresses following a violent death or human decomposition. The mattress must be reduced of its soiled contents which are then placed in well constructed plastic bags for proper disposal. The mattress Springs must be cleaned of their soiled material and then sealed with an appropriate sealer. Likewise with the bed frame and mattress box. Most often I offer to remove the entire bed for destruction and placement in a local county landfill.



I guarantee my work Andy for some reason you think that I have missed something or could have done a better job, then I make great effort to return as soon as possible, which is usually within 24 hours. After 24 years of working in the biohazard cleanup for life returned to two jobs and both times the residue remaining was not easily perceived in an inconspicuous area.

Because I expect to clean at great distances from my home, I take a great deal of effort to do the job completely the first time around. I have cleaned in 24 states including the state of California. The reason I clean in so many states is because a have been forced to do so. It turns out that our local County corners employees have monopoly over the biohazard cleanup field and may direct families of the deceased to a favored biohazard cleanup company. These companies pay 10% kickback, finders fee, for each family sent to them by the corners employees. In some cases corners employees owned the biohazard cleanup company to which they send families.

But it's not always corners employees in involved in this type of government and business cronyism. Sometimes it's fire department employees and even sheriff deputies and police officers. Therefore any time you worry anyone else receives direction to a biohazard cleanup company by someone in County government, they are probably being manipulated by someone in the government-crony business. This is a nationwide issue and is quickly turning the United States of America into 1/3 world country.



I have over 15 years experience in the blood cleanup services. As noted above, I've cleaned in 24 states across the United States. In the states I cleaned everything from homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths.

I've cleaned quadruple homicides involving murders of children in double suicides. I have cleaned up after unattended deaths that were in place for over two months and high deserts. I've cleaned on Christmas day in freezing temperatures without electricity, heat, or water. As a consequence of my experiences I know before hand that I must be prepared for the unforeseen.

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